McAfee - 12 Scams of the Holidays!

Avoid the

12 Scams of the Holidays!

Keep the cheer, don't pick up unwanted gifts when shopping online this season.

As the holiday season nears, we'll be swarming online shops for deals on gifts and travel. Protect yourself when you browse, click, and buy online, and avoid the 12 Scams of the Holidays.

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  1. 1. You've Got Mail!
    Think twice before clicking links in shipping notification emails, and always verify the shipping company before giving out your personal information.
  2. 2. Deceptive Advertising
    Beware of deals that are too good to be true as they could steal your personal information and ruin your holiday cheer.
  3. 3. Chilling Charities
    'Tis the season to donate, but be wary of fake charities. Do your research and double check the site URL.
  4. 4. Buyer Beware
    Check your credit card statements to make sure you don't have unwanted charges as a result of a point-of-sale breach.
  5. 5. iScams
    Today, smartphones act as a phone, but also a credit card, house key, camera and more. Malware can access your device via apps, so do your research and stick to official app stores to download.
  6. 6. Getting Carded
    Avoid the unwanted gift of malware and always verify that e-cards are from someone you know and are from a trustworthy site.
  1. 7. Holiday Travel Scams
    Avoid fake online deal links offering low price airfare or hotel rooms that could be a trap; think before you click.
  2. 8. Bank Robocall Scam
    Be suspicious of phone calls from people who claim your computer is infected and request your personal information to fix it.
  3. 9. ATM Skimming
    Need cash in a hurry? Beware of using automated teller machines (ATMs); as a skimmer device designed to steal data off the card may be installed. Look carefully at the ATM and cover the keypad when entering your PIN.
  4. 10. Year in Review Traps
    While a "Year in Review" sounds entertaining to read, clicking on these links could infect your devices.
  5. 11. BYO...Device
    With the hustle and bustle of the season, smartphones could easily be lost or stolen in the shuffle. Don't leave your smartphone unattended during the hectic holiday season as it could give hackers access to your personal and work information.
  6. 12. Bad USB Blues
    Be wary of free USB drives that are often used as giveaways. This method is an easy way for hackers to spread malware.

Tips for staying safe during the holiday season

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