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How We Expose Ourselves Today

What's a shared password between two friends? Or a risqué photo between lovers (or the cute guy you met over the weekend)? Sure, these actions may seem harmless, but in the wrong hands you risk embarrassment, loss of privacy, and worst case, identity theft.

Nearly 50% of adults have used their mobile device to share or receive intimate content.

50% of people say they’ve stored intimate content received on their mobile device, that leaves your reputation at stake.

16% have sent intimate content to complete strangers.

We assume intimate exchanges and private data are safe with loved ones. But what if the relationship goes bad? 20% of people say they log into their significant other's Facebook profiles monthly. This may seem like innocent fun, but information posted without your knowledge may cause you embarrassment and harm your reputation.

Far too many people are sharing email and bank account passwords with their partners. By sharing too much you run the risk of having your information go public without your knowledge, posing a threat to your privacy and identity.

keep your private moments from going public

Save It Think twice before you share.Protect It Use passwords on all of your devices.Delete It Don’t keep personal or intimate Information on your mobile phone.

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Source: The Futures Company & Intel Security, December 2013