McAfee - 12 Scams of the Holidays!

12 SCAMS of Christmas!

McAfee LiveSafe helps make the holidays safe again!

As the holiday season nears, we'll be swarming to online shops for deals on gifts and travel. But be careful—cybercriminals could be there, too, hoping we'll drop our guard. Don't let scammers turn your holiday joy into holiday pain. Protect yourself when you browse, click, and buy online, so you can stay clear of the 12 Scams of the Holidays.

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Explore the complete list of scams and keep your cheer this holiday season!

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  1. Not-So-Merry Mobile Apps
  2. Holiday Mobile SMS Scams
  3. Hot Holiday Gift Scams
  4. Seasonal Travel Scams
  5. Dangerous E-Seasons Greetings
  6. Deceptive Online Games
  1. Shipping Notifications Shams
  2. Bogus Gift Cards
  3. Holiday SMiShing
  4. Fake Charities
  5. Romance Scams
  6. Phony E-Tailers

Keep yourself safe this holiday season and throughout the year with McAfee LiveSafe service. To learn more, read our blog or press release.

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