McAfee SiteAdvisorĀ® is a powerful, lightweight security app that secures your browsers and keeps you protected from all kinds of digital dangers. Its primary mission is to block and warn you of malicious sites that might be loaded with malware, or setup to steal your passwords. The best part, it's free!

No ads, no gimmicks, just safe.
Site Safety Ratings
Provides you with easy to understand red, yellow, and green icons in your search results and social networks to indicate whether sites and links are safe to click on
Automatically stops navigation to a potentially risky site and gives you the option to go back or proceed if you wish
Download Protection
Quickly scans initiated downloads and automatically halts any that contain suspicious material, adding an extra layer of PC threat protection
Secure Search
Makes your search engine results even safer by graying out links that are risky, adding an extra layer of anti-phishing and PC threat protection
What is SiteAdvisor?