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Thank you for trusting McAfee to protect your
new Dell PC, your personal information and your
identity. Our goal as the world’s largest dedicated
security company is to give you the confidence
and comfort to bank, shop, share and live your
life online without worry

Here are a few other things you may not
be aware of:

  • Your McAfee protection was designed
    specifically for your Dell PC.
  • McAfee’s exclusive Active Protection
    technology finds and blocks new threats
    (thousands discovered hourly*) in less than
    a second.
  • Manage your protection anytime by clicking on
    the McAfee icon on the utility tray in the bottom
    right hand corner of your desktop.

Thank you again for using McAfee and the opportunity for our family to protect yours.

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McAfee® SecurityCenter: Cutting-Edge Security, Designed for Your Dell.
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Avoid dangerous websites. McAfee
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Automatic and constant updates so
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against threats.
Award-winning Anti-Virus, firewall,
spyware and online protection.
As the world’s largest dedicated
security company,
our team of
professionals in 30 countries
works around the clock to
protect you and Dell PC.
And much more...

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