Break Up with Your Partner, Not Your Private Data Love, Relationships & Technology
I posted that private photo of you on Facebook. -Your Ex

Don‘t Let Your Private Data Get Stuck in the Middle of a Breakup

We‘ve all experienced those awkward and
embarrassing situations. Remember that time
a private photo of you was uploaded publicly
on Facebook, by your vengeful ex? Uh-oh!

Think twice before sharing private data,
including intimate texts, passwords, photos
and more. If you‘re not careful about what
you share, it could land in the wrong hands.

50% of us share personal or intimate information with a partner or friends.1

Keep Your Personal Info Safe by Following These Simple Tips

Lock Your Lips. Do not share passwords
with anyone.

Lock Your Devices. Use password protection on your phone and other mobile devices.

Love the Delete Button. Take the time to
delete personal or intimate text messages,
emails and photos on your phone.

Share the Love, Not the Info. Once you
share private information with those you
love, that data is out of your hands, and out of your control.

Safely Navigate the Intersection of Love, Relationships & Technology

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