Using a wireless network?
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Your wireless home network beams information through the air much like your cordless phone. If unprotected, your wireless network and all the data you transmit over it could easily be hacked. After that, the hacker can read your e-mails and attachments, see what websites you visit, and even worse, steal your personal and financial information. A hacker can even illegally download copyrighted material or launch attacks using your identity.

McAfee’s new Wireless Home Network Security provides you with powerful protection against these unauthorized network intrusions, protecting your data and preventing broadband “freeloading.” With an easy “one-click” interface, your signal is encrypted with rotating keys that block even the most relentless hackers. Then your network really is yours, giving you back the power to decide who joins your wireless network and blocking all others.
Q & A
Is it really that easy for someone to read my e-mail, see what sites I visited,
or steal my personal or financial information?

You bet. There are freely downloadable programs online that allow even the most rudimentary hackers to see everything you’re doing on your wireless network or break into any of your PCs.

Sometimes I can’t even receive a wireless signal across my own house.
How could someone who is miles away be able to pick it up?

Without the powerful protection of McAfee Wireless Home Network Security’s automatic security key rotation, you are vulnerable to hackers who can use powerful antennas to capture data sent over your Wi-Fi connection from over 100 miles away.

Aren’t my firewall and anti-virus protection enough to keep me safe?
Your Wi-Fi network needs additional protection that anti-virus and firewalls don’t provide. Data needs to be encrypted as it is sent over your network, and you need to make sure that only friends and family can connect to your wireless network.

If my bank’s website is secure, won’t that protect me?
Not necessarily. If you’re like most people, you use the same password for most websites. So if a hacker’s able to grab that information (maybe from a less secure site), even the most secure websites can be vulnerable.

I want to know more. Where do I go?
Go to the McAfee Wireless Home Network Security product page by clicking here.
While there are seemingly endless questions to be asked about Wi-Fi protection, there really is only one answer:
McAfee Wireless Home Network Security. Order today and keep hackers out in the cold.

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Important: Your Operating System must be designed and tested to support the English language and your wireless router/AP must be compatible with McAfee Wireless Home Network Security. Check details on for these and other popular brands:
Linksysbullet NETGEARbullet D-Linkbullet Belkinbullet Motorolabullet

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